Tena koe, the team at VNZ would like your opinion on our work by completing this 5 minute survey.

The objective of this survey is to evaluate our effectiveness to you, your work and the sector. Your feedback will help us achieve this.
About You!

How are you associated with Volunteering New Zealand? *

Check to see if you are a member by visiting http://www.volunteeringnz.org.nz/organisational-members/

What is your role in your organisation *

Which sector do you work in?

How much value has VNZ been to the sector over the last 12 months?

Your perception of VNZ, and VNZ's value to you

Please select the three (3) most important VNZ work-streams to you/your organisation that VNZ provide:

What do you believe are the most important research topics that needs investigating?

On a scale of 1-7 how valuable is VNZ's work to you and your organisation?

What could we do better?

VNZ's Website

How frequently do you visit the VNZ website?

How useful is the VNZ website?

What type of information do you use on the VNZ Website?

Please give feedback on how we can improve our website

VNZ Resources

Which VNZ resources are you aware of?

How often do you use the tool(s) you selected?

Relative to other sector resources available nationally and internationally, how valuable are our resources to you and your work?

Are there other resources you would like to see VNZ produce or make available?

VNZ's Advocacy Work

VNZ produces submissions to central government both proactively and when required.

Recent submissions include our work gaining exemptions on Police vetting fees, supporting volunteering through the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Fire Service review and retaining volunteering in the Census etc.

How satisfied are you with the quality of submissions VNZ produces?

VNZ's Promotional Campaigns

Which VNZ campaigns does your organisation promote/celebrate/recognise?

How satisfied are you with the quality of campaigns VNZ produces?

What can VNZ do to make their campaigns more effective?

VNZ's Newsletter

Do you feel that the VNZ newsletter you receive monthly is:

How relevant and interesting is the content in our newsletters to you and your work?

Optional: Please provide feedback on ways in which VNZ newsletters could be improved

Our Social Media Platforms

Which social media platforms do you engage with?

Which VNZ social media platforms do you follow or engage with?

How relevant and interesting is the content on VNZ's social media platforms?

Is there any content you would like to see promoted on VNZ’s social media platforms?

Membership Value

VNZ is supported by a strong and diverse membership. VNZ membership is an excellent means to:
- Growing the profession of volunteer management
- Enhancing the value and impact of volunteering
- Accessing exclusive invitations to networking opportunities
- Supporting the national body to represent volunteers and volunteering

Which direct benefits of membership are you aware of?

What other benefits do you think VNZ should seek to offer you / your organisation?

Would you like VNZ to contact you regarding membership? 
If so please type in your contact details.

Optional: Please provide any additional thoughts/comments you may have on Volunteering New Zealand

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.

We appreciate your engagement as we seek to ensure our value to you and the sector through this work.
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